Lofi Drum Hits Vol.1

Lofi Drum Hits Vol.1

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Monosole Music presents Lo-fi Hits. Analogue drum machines processed using analogue outboard, and finally hit hard to analogue cassette tape.

Volume one contians 52 hits from a modern classic french designed analgoue drum machine. Deep kick drums, cripsy snares, claps and hats, together with an array of percussion sounds. All sounds have been edited for a quick creative flow.

Izotope RX used to reduce noise.




  • kick drums
  • snare drums
  • claps
  • hats
  • toms
  • congas
  • cymbals
  • clave
  • rim
  • tambourine
  • zap


  • BAE 10DC
  • Kush Audio Claraphonic
  • Fostex 4 Track Cassette


  • WAV File
  • 44.1kHz
  • 24bit
  • 3.9MB Download