Bossa Brasil / Drum Loops

Bossa Brasil / Drum Loops

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Monosole Music presents the Loop Pack from Drum Library Volume 6 'Bossa Brasil' A collection of ten 70's inspried Brazilian Bossa Nova, Samba and funk drum and percussion tracks.

The sound of 'Bossa Brasil' is a tight mono drum kit sound, with a touch of room to give the drum kit some space. The drum kit is then peppered with classic Brazilian percussion instruments, giving you a classic Brazilian funk sound from the 70's.

This drum library contains 10 one-three minute long royalty free drum kit and percussion tracks, recorded direct to analogue tape, and mixed using analogue hardware.

This pack includes 318 drum kit and percussion, drum only and percussion only 4 bar loops, taken from the Bossa Brasil Multi-Track performances. These sounds have been edited and mixed into four bar loops for a quick and creative work flow.


  • 60's Ludwig Drum Kit
  • 70's Ludwig 400 Snare
  • 70's Ludwig Acrolite Snare
  • Vintage and Modern Zildjian Cymbals
  • Guiro
  • Cuica
  • Vibra Slap
  • Cowbells
  • Clave
  • Whistle
  • Shakers
  • Tambourines

 Signal Chain:

  • Kick drum - Neumann Fet 47 - Studer 169 Preamp - Otari MX5050 Tape
  • Snare drum - akg C414 - Studer 169 Preamp - Otari MX5050 Tape
  • Overhead - AKG C414 - Studer 169 Preamp - Otari MX5050 Tape
  • Room - AKG C414 - Studer 169 Preamp - Otari MX5050 Tape
  • Percussion - AKG C414 - Studer 169 Preamp - Otari MX5050 Tape

Mixing Outboard:

  • BAE 10DC compressors
  • BAE 1073 Preamps/EQ's
  • Hairball 1176


  • WAV file
  • 44.1khz
  • 24bit
  • 733.2 MB download